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Pala Dairy Farm is one of the most reliable farms in Haryana, India from where one can get different Cattle Livestock in various age groups, sexes, breeds and mil producing capacity. Set up the farm in the year 1976, we are having years of experience in trading and supplying high breed Murrah Buffalo, Indian Murrah Buffalo, HF Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Dairy Jersey Cow, Hf Bull, Murrrah Bull, Sahiwal Bull, etc.

We take care our livestock very well as time to time medical health check-ups are conducted for them in which they are examined and vaccinated by the veterinary doctors so to protect them against various kind of diseases & infections. Our well developed farm is having all the facilities for bathing, sleeping, grazing and health check-ups which provides a comfortable & hygienic environment to the cattle. While supplying the Cows & Buffalo's, complete information about their feeding habits, behavior, breeds and health essentials are briefed to the buyers. Our active & pure breed cattle is properly immunized, free from diseases and have high milk producing capacity due to which they are in great demand amongst the buyers.

Why Us?

With an experience spanning over four decades, our knowledge about the dairy cattle domain has only reached new heights. We understand the changing needs of today's farmers and are adept at providing the best solutions for their specific needs. Some of our unique selling points are as follows:
  • We conduct a number of health check ups of our cattle to ensure that they remain free from diseases & health problems.
  • The cattle are fed with high quality feed and graze in the natural forage in the countryside.
  • We follow fair trade practices and our dealings are transparent.
  • The cows & buffaloes we provide are well known in the market for their high milk yielding capacity.

Well Maintained Farm

Properly pedigreed and pampered, all our cows and buffalo's are kept under a well maintained, clean & hygienic place under the supervision of specially trained team. A shady green area is developed for cattle for different purposes like grazing, resting and ruminating and this particular place is kept cool with fans & water sprays. We have green open fields where the cattle can graze throughout the day and consume essential water & minerals from the field. For the convenience of Cows & Buffalo's, we have built plenty of rooms for sleeping and other purposes within our farm which are cleaned regularly by the cleaners.

Our Values

In our years of presence in the industry we have understood the importance of providing value to our customers. Our credo is to fulfill requirements and deliver the best, strongest and most healthy cattle to our emptors. We perform a number of tests on our cows and buffaloes to ensure their health and monitor their feed to optimize milk output. Moreover, the cattle available with us are offered at unmatched prices, this combination of serving authentic breeds at reasonable cost results us in becoming favorite cattle suppliers in India.

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